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                        Alexander Technique is the Zen of Posture and Movement

Doris May, Alexander Technique Teacher

Alexander Technique (AT)
- Are you poised* for movement?

(*Poised is defined: being in balance or equilibrium: composed, calm, self-assured;
suspended, as in motion, readied; a bird poised in flight.)

What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique is a technique whereby one learns to move freely and easefully in all activities. AT makes use of conscious awareness and thinking to "direct" new movement patterns throughout your body. (Learn more about AT)

Why study the Alexander Technique?

  • Learn to use your body as it was designed
  • Move more easefully, with less stress and improved balance
  • Reduce pain associated with improper use and ineffective movement
  • Improve breathing awareness
  • Advance your ability to perform with more joy
  • Workout more effectively. Reduce injuries associated with improper use.
    (Learn more about AT Lessons)

About me
I am a Nationally Certified Alexander Teacher. I teach AT lessons privately in mid-town Manhattan. I initially came to AT to help me deal with my own pain issues. AT helped me to such a great extent, that I went on to study to become an AT teacher, so that I would be able to help others discover and enjoy all that this unique technique has to offer.
(Learn more about me)

I welcome you to the study of this unique technique so that you too can add direction and dimension to your life! (Contact me)

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